Having the right tools and equipment is crucial for ensuring the safe and timely completion of specific tasks. At Maine Track Maintenance, we pride ourselves on maintaining a wide array of specialty tools and equipment tailored to handle various aspects of train and crane rail projects. Our tools and equipment undergo regular inspections to identify any defects or repair needs, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Here’s a glimpse of the equipment in Maine Track’s fleet that will efficiently speed up your project:

  • Hy-Rail Grapple Trucks
  • Hy-Rail Dump Trucks (Rotary and Straight Bed)
  • Nordco CX Spikers
  • Nordco Spike Pullers
  • Backhoes
  • Front-End Loaders
  • Pettibone Speed Swings
  • Kershaw Tie Cranes
  • Multiple Tie Inserters (TR-10, 925’s, little reds)
  • Excavators
  • Geismar GB4S Tamper Set
  • Jackson 2400 Switch Tamper (with lift and line capabilities)
  • Jackson 6700 Production Tamper (auto lift and line, laser reference, and Jupiter 2)
  • Knox SF/BR 940 Regulator
  • Production Plate Broom
  • Two Gun Racine Liquid Plugging Machine
  • 25 Ton Hudson Ballast Car
  • Freight Liner Tractor
  • Landol Sliding Axle Tilt Trailer
  • Trail EZE Folding Goose Neck Lowboy TE100
  • Hy-Rail Pickups
  • Portable Hydraulic Power Packs (with spikers, pullers, grinders, drills, saws, thermite equipment, etc.)
  • Gas-Powered Saws, Drills, Impacts, Grinders, etc.
  • Thermite Welding Gear

Our comprehensive selection of equipment ensures that we have the right tools for the job, enabling us to deliver efficient and high-quality rail construction and maintenance services for your project.